Monday, 14 April 2014

A couple more swoons

I made 3 of these Sunday and it took me most of the day.Kept getting into a bit of a muddle...

They are big blocks,24 inches square so really it's like 12 blocks(well that's my way of thinking).

Have a few more cut to ready to go.
They are beautiful blocks,glad 
I took the plunge.

Had this pattern for ages too,the weekender.
I've chosen this mint green oilcloth thought it would be easier to keep clean,just wipe it with a damp cloth.You may never see this again LOL depends what happens when I start to sew.

Beautiful wearther here at the mo,warm and sunny,and the clocks have gone forward into summer time so longer days to come.
We had a beautiful cleare sky last night,with a big bright moon.
This was taken at 8pm.

and this one at

It was lovely in the garden.
Another lovely morning today,a bit more sewing for me,can't go out due to poorly foot .Had Arthritis in the old joints for years,keeps good but every now and then it flares up.My ankle been very painful for over a week now,so I keep taking the pain killers and hope it passes quickly.
Have a lovely week.xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

At last a swoon

Had this pattern for a very long time and not had the courage to make a block...woohoo wasn't as bad as I thought it would be,so here is the first one.

It's a huge block,24 inch.
Sorted out FQ for the next eight blocks,

All colours a real mixture.

My lovely niece had her 50th birthday party on Saterday ,she cried when she saw her photo quilt.
I didn't take a picture of it finished,this is the pic Mandy put on facebook.

My sister in law Margaret telling people all about the quilt..that's me on the right,just got my mug in the picture lol.

Me and B .
Hubby looks a little surprised .
The card I made 

At the mo I love tattered lace dies and have purchased a few in the last year,they cut beautifully and are very delicate.

Inside the card.

I will be busy making Easter cards this week.

Nickys quilt Scandinavian Rose is finished

It's ready to post.
It's very cold and wet here,so staying in day to make cards and do a little sewing.
Have a good week everyone.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Lovely day out

Lickey Hills,first time we have been here,it won't be the last it's beautiful.Its about an hours drive.

Lovely play area for the kiddies.

Tomorrow do your worst for I have lived today.

Lilly loves a run around.

And here's a little old man sitting on a bench...oh hang on its B.
We had a good walk it's hilly and woody we loved it.

Got this finished ready for the Easter season.

I Painted polystyrene eggs ,there's chocolate ones too.
That's it for now have a good week all.xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Walk in the park

Saturdays walk in the park,it was bright and sunny but very cold.
Spring is truly here and the blossom trees are beautiful in their Spring gowns.

Hubby and Lilly,I have to say I am always tagging along behind(story of my life lol)

The icecream van was there,brrr bit cold for me.

The War Memorial Park Coventry,it's a lovely park with play areas for the young ones (fountains for them to play in when it's warm)

Skate boarding area for the older ones,
I love this it's keeps them in a safe area and out of the car parks.

There's also tennis courts if you are so inclined .
Two great cafe's(we always have a coffee and a muffin)
Yep a couple of very pleasant hours spent in the sunshine and only 10minutes away from home.

My best friend ,B.
Have a good week all.

Friday, 21 March 2014


Had a wonderful time at the NEC today,two shows sewing for pleasure and creative crafts.
Lots of walking lots of spending my kind of day.
First the fabric

See the blue? It has VW campers all over it, going to make table cloth and cushions for the camper.
Polystyrene Eggs for my Easter display

A few craft magazines

Washi tape and micro glitter.

Diddnt I have a good time.

I'm so tired I can't have a play,can hardly keep my eyes open.

Another one of these,this is no ten.FQS mystery BOM.
Will have to start putting these together soon.
A little more of this,
Only 3 to on the bottom of this ,almost there.

All for now,have a great weekend.xx

Monday, 17 March 2014

Scandinavian Rose

Started to put the blocks together,I'm using the scraps from the FQS  Mystery BOM,

Fat Quarter Shop BOMs are so generous there's mountains of fabric left over.

Here's how it's looking.
This is half put together.

Stil a couple to stitch before I put the other half together(hope I have enough scraps) .

We are having lovely weather here,so won't be doing much sewing ,we will be out and about.
A very Happy St Patricks Day to all who celebrate.
Have a good week.xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Do you remember this,Summertime wall hanging.

Well I did finish this ,it's on a previous post.
Had no idea what to do or where to hang it.So this is what I came up with.I chopped it in half....rearranged it stitched it back together and put a back on it.Two wide "straps"to keep it in place.

It now sits on the back of the sofa.We love it there,looks bright and cheerful.Its a leather sofa and they do strike a bit cold in the winter months it's usually covered in quilts.

Another one of these,
Not many to go now,I've been playing with the blocks today.Decided to use all the scraps from The mystery BOM that I am making for Nicky.Its looking good will take some photos and show tomorrow.
All for now .Laura x