Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer days

It's been lovely here the last couple of weeks,we have been away for a few days in the camper.We went to Suffolk on the east coast,Lowestoft and Southwold.

Typical English seaside town,love these tacky shops full of buckets and spades and sticks of rock (bought lots of sticks of rock for the kids)

Love beach huts,would like to make a quilt with this theme.
This made me laugh,the seagull was trotting in and out of the fish and chip shop.

We have some great piers in the UK.
Some bits of sewing has been done,these are pillow shams and cushion covers to go with Nickys quilt.

Started my table runner.

Also started a crochet cardie.

Me and my lovely little girl in the park.
Had to share this,my three beautiful grandys.
Well that's about it for now enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

This and that

Nickys quilt is finally finished and ready to to Australia with me in November.
I love it,it has eight extra blocks ,

My usual wobbly quilting( the quilting police needn't bother coming to my house lol)
I have made quilts for many years but only started to quilt then two years ago.A pattern is beyond me but I will keep trying.

Shez has been raving about this book so I thought I would get it.....well Shez you are not wrong it's a fabulous book.Ive already decided what I am going to make first and have photocopied it ready to trace.

A beautiful table runner.Cant wait to get started.

Made another one of these little pots.

And another pincushion.

The last two reighndeer .

Stitched a couple of club badges on for Bs friends( 4 in total) their wives can't thread needles,all the sewing comes to me.

Thought I would share this,sewing on the binding and sorting the loose ends ,of couse Lilly has to help....

She's a little bugger,sits on what you're doing and can't shift her.
Half way through painting my craft room,so better get back to it.
Lou xx

Monday, 16 June 2014


I've made a start on Nickys quilt,is huge and blooming heavy.
Randon wobbly lines as usual.I had thought of sending it to a long arm quilters,but oh my it's so expensive ,£200. Plus ,so I gave up that idea.

If you look closely you will see the washing basket in the conservatory filled with things waiting to be ironed ,haha have to get your priorities right.

This little chap came to stay with us for the weekend and he is the sweetest happiest little guy.
He loves his Grampy follows him around.Hes trying to walk and wobbles about like a little robot.

Can't get enough of my grandys.

Here's what the crochet became,a cheerful pincushion ,and another.

Another on the way..
It's only 4rows each side,make a round cushion for inside an stuff it.
Quick and easy,make one in an evening while watching the box.Dont know what I an going to do with then though,a bit addicted at the minute using up scraps of wool and cotton.
You all might get one lol.

This is the last thing I worked on this week,a small pot made with 2.5 inch scraps.Its a small one only 4 inch in any direction but I love it,it's just the right size to use as a thread catcher or even to put bits and bobs in around the house.this one is going in the kitchen to keep my rings safe when I take them of to do something.Perfect to use up jelly roll scraps.

Going to fish out some big cheerful buttons to put on the points.
Well that's about it .Have a good week .

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lauren's pencil case

Very pleased with how this turned out,and she loves it.
This is the back,I was going to put a little more appliqué on it but changed my mind.

I put a pocket on the inside for bits and bobs.

Tonight I've been doing a bit of crochet .

Will show you what it is soon.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

June already

Here we are in June already,almost half way through the year scarey isn't it.
I am having Internet problems at the mo,have been for weeks now.I don't know if it's my Ipad getting old or my connection.
I am able to read your posts but not ways able to leave a comment having the same problem with facebook.
I have a little sewing to show,The mystery BOM is now a flimsy.
As you can see I have made it a lot larger than it hold be.FQS are so generous with the fabric you can very often get two blocks out of each month.
So mine is 4 wide and 5 long.

Not the best photo,taken at night and as it's so large I couldn't  get a good angle.

I love this quilt these pictures do not do it justice.
Have to pin it now and have a go at uilting it.Its going with me to Australia later in the year so I have plenty of time.(it's for my daughter)

This is going to be a pencil case for a young friend,she's off to college to study Media Make up.
This is going on the back with a couple of other things I have in mind.

My garden is blooming at the minute.

This little girl loves to be outdoors watching us.

Beautiful night tonight,love this time of year it dosnt quite gets dark.

Have a good week everyone ,do plenty of the things you enjoy.
Love Lou.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Summer is on its way

The weather has been glorious here,and about time too.We have been out and about to our favourite parks.

The Wisteria at Kingsbury Water Park is stunning and it smells lovely.
Me without a coat yayyyy.

It's been a long winter and it's lovely to leave a few layers of clothing off.

B with my pot of tea.

This is the last block of FQS mystery quilt.
I've doubled up on 10 of the blocks,I am making the quilt 4 wide and 5 long.
Had a play with them to see how they fall.

Not putting them in the order they came,hard to see how they look on this picture as they are laying on top of a patterned quilt.
Rows labelled ready to sew together.

A bit of crochet too this week,love these hexi's.

This is my Christmas item for May,another block for the quilt.A jolly gingerbread person.

Started to put them together.

I'm loving how this is looking.
All for now,enjoy the rest of your week.