Monday, 9 January 2012

bags and boxes

I have finished the box,it is now dry and on my kitchen counter,(holding Weight Watchers stuff.)
this sums me up.....
The Japanese knot bags are made,and I am very pleased with them.I did have to think a bit as I was going by memory. I knew the long handle went through the short one,but couldnt think how.Anyway I sorted it out. the smaller one is for my granddaughter to keep her pumps in at school.The pump bags here are draw string ones,and little fingers do have trouble with them,this will be much easier .
Oh,and now they are made,I went on line and,yep I found instructions,wouldnt you just know it,there are even intructions for a knitted one.Oh well,its now back to the Hexi's see you all soon Laura xx


  1. Very nice, what I want to know is "are the bags for the WW biscuits you are going to bring home with you?
    I like the box, very handy xx

  2. The box and bags look great. The box is a great idea for organising things.

  3. Thank you Charlie and Wendy,I did have a few (tricky)moments with the first bag,but very pleased with them.x
    Sue know me so well. Haha.

  4. Cool bag..My guild was making these at our last meeting!! You are on my list of traders, watch my blog the next post will explain how the trade works. And Im following you too. Hugs