Monday, 2 January 2012

hello to anyone who might be popping in.Happy New Year to you all ,hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.I have finished knitting Santa,just in time to go away for next year,he will have a wife by then(hopefull).He has been shown to everyone and guess w.
hat,you got,I need to make about 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought this jelly rolllast week in the sale (cant pass a bargain)it was just a few £ and of course I had to have it.Thing is.I now think the colours are too dark,so dont know what to do with it. I also made these last week.I have had this panel in the cupboard for years,diddnt know what to do with it(another impulse buy).Last week I took it out cut it inhalf and made two cushion covers. I will be getting on with the hexis for my daughter's quilt as well now.

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  1. Hi Laurajane, your Santa is gorgeous, you have made such a good job of him, and I love the other knitted goodies in the previous post too! Blogger can be tricky sometimes!!