Sunday, 26 February 2012

sunny Sunday in February

Its beautiful again today,we have had a few lovely warm sunny days. I have finished the red quilt top,but am not putting it together untill I can machine quilt(lets hope its not years)
I thought I would show a photo of this shoe last,it was my husbands great granddads,many shoes have been repaired on it.Bri can remember his dad using it in the 50s.We dont repair shoes these days,so Bri has painted it with Amerite and we use it for a door stop.( I love that old items have new uses.)

my beautiful granddaughter had her seventh bithday this week,and we went to Toys R Us.
Jayda's teeth are falling out now,so all the photo's are with the mouth firmley shut.....

This is a crafty girls best friend
its a good job Bri likes hotpot,he gets one very often.
the jelly roll that I wasnot too fussed about,made, 2 not too bad cushions.My grandchildren have claimed them. Well its time to sort out some dinner,cant give my Brian hotpot on a Laura.xx


  1. Great Job with the quilt top, is that for you or Jayda? They grow up so fast don't they... hope her new teeth grow in quick! see Bri hasn't changed much always was a meat & tata man wasn't he...I like your casserole dish, is that a slow cooker you are using? I think Bri should become a Cobbler now hes retired so he can use his Great Granddads shoe thingy, then you'll have more money to spend on fabric :O)

    1. Yes it's a slow cooker,and well used through the winter.bri said,he's retired and doesn't want to be anything.....the shoe last can stay where it is ,on the patio ready to prop the door open...Lxxxx cushion made.xx

  2. Your red quilt top is just lovely!! Great Job!! As far as quilting it...just start practicing on smaller pieces. You will never get better until you start. HUGs

  3. The quilt and pillows are lovely. My kids LOVE going to toys r us!