Sunday, 29 April 2012

cold and wet Sunday

Last month we were in t.shirts,what a change .It is so cold and wet, just the day to stay home and sew.I have a poorly finger,I managed to cut a slice out of it with my rotory cutter.So I am going to sew today but very carefully. This is the rain on our kitchen roof,
I finished quilting the little quilt,I am very pleased with it,as you know I am a complete novice at this machine quilting lark.
I have cut and stitch,recut and stitched again thi s jelly roll I put on the last post.
So,you put 2 squares together stitch all round,cut on the diagonal both ways, press open.You now have 4 squares that you sew back together.
Of course you can put these together any way you like,I have put mine together with a tiny square in the middle.
Bright red for the back.
The Farmers Wife !!!I have had this book for about 2 years not and not found the courage to to start(so many block)I have decided I will start looking for fabric.
Finally ,My girls say this is me.......
Still got it,its just all a little bit lower.LOL till next time have a lovely P.S. I never seem to be able to line the pitures with the writing....xx


  1. Hi Laurajane! Your quilts are so very beautiful!! I knew just what I wanted for my blog design and Karen Valentine was able to create it. We went back & forth a few times to get it just right. She was just wonderful about it. I also bought her first Building Beautiful Blogs book as I knew NOTHING about blogs except that I had to have my own. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely quilts. Please let me know if you have any questions. Denise

  2. Your little quilt is lovely, you did very well with the quilting. I love your new blocks too, are they Christmas fabrics? I look forward to seeing your FW blocks when you get started. Thank goodness for underwires!!

  3. Hello from Australia Laurajane, Your flower trade quiltie arrived in the post and I just love it .It is so pretty, thank you.