Thursday, 10 May 2012

jelly roll quilt

I have finished this jelly roll quilt,and am very pleased with it.It will look lovely on the back of the sofa at Christmas.
It does look a lot nicer than the photo shows. Yesterday I had a lovely day out and about with my gorgeous hubby.We went into town for a coffee at my fave cafe.
Had a walk round the shops ,and then lunch in the pub..My favourite sort of day.
The garden is looking good,its a wonder everything has not drowned with all the rain we have had in the last month.
Now I have Karens book,Building Beautiful Blogs,I am going to try and line up my pictures with my writing(but not this time)... till next time love from me.


  1. Olá,Estava por aqui de blog em blog,achei você,e gostei do que vi,fui no seu perfil,#3 blog?!Abri só uma conta no google,estou meio que sem paciência para compromissos.Me tornei sua seguidora,bisbilhotei e adorei,estou encantada com seus hexágonos.Eu sou viciada e agora estou terminando uma colcha cheia de borboletas,com peças de 2cm de lado,não tenho pressa...Costura feita com calma é mais gratificante.Gostaria de saber o nome dessa flor vermelha,é um espetáculo.Bem vou procurar uma cozinha para arrumar,se não....Um abraço para você.

  2. I love the flowers sweets!!! They are sooo pretty!! You did a great job with your quilt!! Many hugs!!

  3. Thanks for your nice comment on my pink flamingos! I love your jelly roll quilt! I look at the rolls frequently but have not tryed one yet. would like it I'M sure!

  4. Wow!! Laurajane, Your quilt is beautiful.A cute puppy in the flower garden. Sometimes on my blog the writing has a mind of its own where it places itself. I never know what to do with it.

  5. Your Christmas quilt is gorgeous, you have made a wonderful job! Your garden looks lovely too, and I love the lilacs.