Friday, 11 May 2012

lovely Lilac

Next doors lilac hangs over my wall,I cut some ,dosnt it look lovely.Smells wonderful.xx
My poor doll house is in desperate need of a make over,I could do with my friend Sue paying me a visit,she always gives me inspiration. Well I have a couple of birthday cards to make for next week,so I had better get on with them.Till next time love from me..xx


  1. Lilac looks lovely, pretty colour, I am waiting for my White lilac to bloom, such a lovely smell...Still have my dolls house I keep saying I must redo it for the litle people but I haven't looked at it since I left England, such a shame!

  2. It is a shame Sue,I havnt touched mine in years.Natalies having it when she has a bigger place,no room at the mo.
    Must try to tidy it up a bit this year. Xx