Friday, 4 May 2012

quilts and quilties

hello everyone,its Friday 4th May and its still raining.... my lovely quilties arrived yeasterdy fro Sandies swap,as usual they are gorgeous,I am really enjoying this swap.
I hope you like my updated blog,its thanks to Karen Valentine Blog Designer,I also bought her book,Building beautiful Blogs. Still havnt got the hang of picking up your blog buttons yet,it seems to be beyond me,oh well best keep trying. The jelly roll quilt is coming along nicely,all the bits are together and now I am (quilting it)in my own fashion.
My sliced finger is allmost better ,so hope to do more sewing this week. untill next time love from


  1. Oh, my goodness!!!!! I was at Karen's just before I left for Colorado..and she showed me your new blog!!! I love it....Don't you?? She is awesome :):) I am glad you like your quilties...I think everyone did a great job!! I am very tired..long drive with a puppy who was not sure what was going on :):) I will post about her tomorrow!! Hugs

  2. Glad your finger is getting better, the christmas quilt looks nice, soon be finished. Quilties look great, I was going to play then forgot. Blog looks nice too... knew you wouldnt be able to resist!
    Bye for now xxx

  3. Your new look blog is so pretty, I look forward to seeing the jelly roll quilt.

  4. Hi! Laurajane. Love your blog and header also the little bird. The Trade quilts are lovely .I really enjoy being in Sandras Quiltie Trade swap. Look foreward to seeing the quilt when it is finished.