Sunday, 15 July 2012

sunny Sunday

Its been a gorgeous day today,but more rain on the way. Shoulder is getting better,I am very surprised how good it is so soon.Physio was not too bad at all. I have put together the last few blocks of the yellow and blue.Happy with them.
I also stitched the 3rd block of the month from the cotton patch.
A few weeks ago, I mentioned the 40th birthday card I am making for my Daughters partner.Tony loves my cards ,this one is a train.
THe train will have 40 carriages,all with photos of Tony and the family or items relevant to him.his birthday is in January,so I have plenty of time to finish it. I have made all the carriages,now have to sort out all the tops.It will be some long card when its done. I joined the mystery BOM at the fat quarter shop,made the first block not had time to take pictures yet. till next time,love from me.xx


  1. What a great idea for a special card. Good to leave plenty of time to decorate the carriages. It will be amazing to see it all completed. Glad to hear your recovery is going well.
    Sue xx

  2. Yeah!!! You are doing better!! Your card train is adorable!!! Hugs

  3. Hi Lou
    Love the train card, good idea, now Tony will really know how old he is getting hahaha. Glad your shoulder is recovering and the weather is improving!

  4. Your train card is fabulous and I love the yellow and blue.

  5. Glad your shoulder is feeling better:-)
    I LOVE the yellow and blue blocks!!!
    That card is a work of love for sure---and sooooo cute!!!

  6. HI!Laurajane, I'm glad to hear your shoulder is getting better.Your train card is awesome it is going to look great, a photo please when it is fin ished. The yellow and blue blocks are lovely fabrics together and the pink is pretty.A couple of finished projects coming together.

  7. Unique Birthday Card! I can see why he likes them!