Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jumbled letters

Hi everyone,it's a beautiful morning here in the UK.
This post is reall about word verification.It really makes my head ache.I have just tried to leave a comment on a friends blog 3 times,and still got it wrong,so have given up. I usually only try  once,but I love this ladys blog.
Please think about removing it.
Have a good day.
Laura xx


  1. AMEN!!! I am in total agreement!! Do NOT like word verification!!!

  2. Here Here, hate it, I spend more time TRYING to leave a comment then giving up because I can't read the letters....

  3. i am with you girl can't stand trying so many times so i just give up too

  4. I also find word verification so frustrating! It got me wondering about my own comments settings, so I checked and discovered that it was set to word verification, grrrr!! I really don't think I would have wanted it that way--I wonder if it is a default setting? Anyway, glad to get that taken care of!!

  5. I hate word verification too! I turned mine off a while back, and even though I do get a few weird comments, it's worth it!

  6. I agree! I didn't know I had it on my blogs, but it is suppose to be off now! Try be and let me know please. mcreatesdaily.blogspot.com and preciouscottage.blogspot.com. Thanks

  7. I agree completely! I just tried FIVE times to get the WV right to leave a comment on another blog. I might write something about this on my blog, too. I's really frustrating. grrrr!