Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday morning

Hi everyone,its Monday morning,and my daughter flew out of Melbourne early today.They will be in London tomorrow.I could wish for a better occcasion,but I cant wait to see her. I have finished the yellow and blue quilt,took me ages to machine quilt it.
When I made these blocks,there was enough fabric for 17 blocks.I was going to make a cushion with the odd one,but changed my mind and put it on the back.
My penny quilt is comming along nicely,soon be on its way to its new owner,can you guess what it is yet?
This layer cake I fell in love with,stitched in up in squares ,now going to cut it with the swister.I love the swister ruler,my friend Sue has the small one,perhaps we could do a swap for a while....
THe last few pics are my garden,its taken a bit of a battering this year with all the rain,but at last a few flowers. I know its only August,but I can feel Autumn already,its just around the corner.Its my favourite time of year(mind you I say that every season}I just hope its a lot better than the summer we have had......
plan to finish the penny quilt tonight,photo tomorrow. Laura x


  1. Your blue and yellow quilt is very lovely!!! ANd your penny is coming will look great when it is done!! Hugs

  2. It will be lovely for you to see your daughter again.Enjoy the time with her. Sorry your family is haveing this sad time.
    WoW the Yellow and blue quilt is beautiful .I love the red strips and the backing fabric, Lovely fabrics for the quilt.x

  3. The yellow and blue quilt looks magnificent! I would love to see some close up photographs of the quilting! Hope you have a nice time with your daughter despite the circumstances.