Sunday, 12 August 2012

penny rugs

Hi evryone,my beautiful daughter Nicky ,came to see us on Wednesday.I was so surprised.They got into UK on Tuesday,and I knew Tony had lots to sort out for his mum,I hadnt expected to see them untill the funeral on Friday.Nicky came up from Milton Keynes to Coventry on the train and did not tell me she was coming. It was such a lovely surprise I spent the first ten minutes in tears. We went to Roys funeral on Friday,it was a lovely celebration of Roys life. Nicky and Tony will be spending a few days with us next week. The chicken penny rug,was meant for my friend but Nicky loved it and it went in her bag...Have to make another one now. I have been doing a little embroidery lately,its easier on the shoulder.
I dont know what I am going to do with this,I have this bag of iron on transfers,and liked this one. This book came a couple of weeks ago,I pre ordered it months ago.
I have started this Father Christmas wall hanging ,but Im not sure I like what I have put it on,but will stick with it see how it goes.
There are lots of ways to transfer images,this is my preferred method,I have tried a light box,but it makes me feel hot,daft I know,but it does. So I copy the image ,or scan if it needs to be bigger.
Then I use good old fashioned dress makers carbon paper'
This pack is great,5 sheets red blue yellow and 2 white ones for putting on darker fabric. I use double sided tape,I tape the pattern to the carbon and the carbon to the fabric,and trace over the bits I want,what could be easier.I always use a ball point pen,nice and thin.
I have started this penny quilt for me. The twister quilt is ready to be put together.
I want to try to quilt it and the small child one this week,but in lots of pain with my shoulder. Hospital tomorrow,post opp appointment,I think I may be told off,have been doing everything he told me not to,so for the next few weeks I will be hand sewing and a bit of knitting .He did tell me not to use the sewing machine.or hoover or lift or ironong,all the things you have to do daily.Because it felt so good ,I did everything and now I am suffering. So I will be making penny rugs galore.... all for now see you all soon.Laura xx


  1. You have been making gorgeous things

  2. Sorry you have been doing the wrong things! they really look good though! Hope you'll come visitmy new blog and my other blog

  3. I'm delighted to see you are my 1st. follower on my new blog! I was trying to figure out how to send a picture of my antique penny rug to you with this comment? do you know? I guess I could send an e-mail with the picture as an attachment? (I sound like I know what I'm talking about don't I? Ha!)

  4. Well you have been naughty not listening to Dr's orders haven't you! So nice you got to spend some 'extra' time with your daughter.
    I was intrigued to see your method in transferring stitchery designs. I must admit I have never seen it before. I try and avoid taping mine to the window as its the only method I can see that works for me. I wish I had a lightbox. Tried to get one on ebay but they were still expensive.
    Good luck with the Dr appt.

  5. How lovely to spend time with your daughter even if for a sad reason. Poor you with a sore shoulder, I hope it gets better soon. I love all your projects, very pretty! Wendy xx