Friday, 23 November 2012

Bit of a challenge

My new BOM arrived today,been really looking forward to this one.Its called Pumpkinville,from The Fat Quarter Shop.The colours first caught my attention,all those bright Autumn colours.
Now I have the pattern book and the first 2 blocks ,oh dear it's going to be a bit of a challenge for me.

I will read everything first(I never do that,very much a dive straight in sort of girl) make sure I have it in my head .....I am a bit worried already .....I wanted to do needle turn appliqué ,but not sure now,because I am very new to it,will decide here it is ,Pumpkinville ,don't you think it's just gorgeous,Well girls ,lets hope I havnt bitten of more than I can chew.Lovely Sharon from Lilibellelane lane,I may be writing to to soon and commissioning you to finish it for meLOL.....
Wish me luck.
My first bit of needle turn,Anni Downs Some kind of wondeful,the fist panel has thes jeans,so thouhgt I woul have a go at these because they were not too fiddley.Not very straight, but happy with my first serious attempt.

I put flowers on the legs of mine,bacause during the 70s when I wore bell bottom jeans,thats what I put on them.Was always into flowers.
When I went to festival of quilts,I was looking for a small ironing board ,I found one but they were very expensive so I diddnt bother.This week I decided to make my own,so off to B& Q for a small bit of MDF,I found an off cut and it cost me £1.
Here is my ironing board.lots off left over batting and a bit of fabris left over from the quilt I made Nicky,and a very old cutting mat...

The old cutting mat on the back,so if I need to trim just whip it over.

It works great,very happy and it only cost me £1.and a few scraps.

Another one on the light box,from Anni Ds book.
Block 6 mystery BOM from FQS,and block 8 from cotton patch.

We have been promised lots of storms next week,so I will be very happy in my little craft room(with the door firmly shut to keep Lilly out).
But please spare a thought for the many people in the UK that have their homes flooded for the 3rd in some cases 4th time this year.

Had lunch with my girlfriends today ,a nice little Italian place,plenty of pasta and a good catch up with everyone.

until next time,have a great weekend.


  1. I love the way you made the little ironing board reversible. And finding the off cut was quite fortunate. We're having storms here, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wasn't expecting my name to a appear in the middle of your post! :) It is a beautiful BOM and just look at those fabrics, yum. The pattern might say needle turn but you could always do blanket stitch. My Merry Merry Snowman quilt said Needle turn but I knew I'd never get it done that way or be happy with my results that way. Have fun with it. I look forward to watching it grow. hugs

  3. lots of wonderful projects there laura and well done on your needle turn.xx

  4. What a lovely block of the month to do... I agree with Sharon, do your stitching in whatever you feel comfortable with. Your needleturn is wonderful by the way! You don't have anything to worry about.
    Stay safe with all the floods that are happening over in the UK...

  5. Those blue jeans are beautiful, love the embroidered flowers! Your Little ironing board is wonderful, what a good idea! Wendy xx

  6. That Ironing board is terrific, I never have enough room on my work table, and to be able to turn it over will be wonderful for you! I love the Jeans, I'm still a Flower child - Jen.

  7. I'm with all the rest - the ironing board is so clever and frugal!! You did a great job on your blue jeans, the flowers are super cute. I find that if I take my time with a new project, many times it goes a little easier. I just have to make me slow down - LOL!

  8. You are going to be very busy with all those lovely projects. I love the look of needleturn but I'm not very good at it myself. Big pieces I can manage but anything small is troublesome for me. Guess I just need to practise more. Good luck.