Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy days

I gave in....what to you may ask.The fat quarter Shop Mystery BOM 2013.
I tried very hard to resist,but a couple of you girls persuaded me.(Sharon& Tracy)
So now it's only Jan and
I can't wait for it to start.As if I havnt got enough to do LOL.I am  writing this on my Ipad,and I don't know how to get photos up on this.
Having big probs with my laptop think it is now time to give in and have a new one.I really should have taken up hubby's offer before Christmas.
 I said no..I would wait,so he got me a Nook HD tablet instead(it's great by the way).
Enjoy your Weekend everyone.
Laura xx


  1. Always happy to encourage another project!:) What program do you use for blogging from your IPad? I use Blogger+ and it's easy to get pics in. You click the + button on the bottom left and "Add a Pic" or "Add Text" hugs

  2. Irritating how are computers and such let us know we need to replace them...and on such short notice. LOL Ours just up and died last year. The nerve;-) Hope all gets resolved. I will look at this BOM. I think I can manage a once a month thingy.

    blessings, jill

  3. lol i see Shaz is leading you astray,cant wait to see your project started Laura.xx

  4. I have been trying to avoid the pressure of joining a lot of different things on the web...its sooo hard :):) Have fun :):)

  5. That's Ok I already have a few projects started this year AND I'm doing a year long Christmas Ornament KAL on Ravelry - it's good to stay busy :-)

  6. hee hee won't regret it!

  7. you have beautiful kids and grandkids