Wednesday, 27 February 2013

bits of this and bits of that

Hi all,it's glorious here today,lovely and sunny,still cold but that's OK,just glad to be above ground....

This is the finishing kit for FQS mystery BOM ,all ready or the chop.

After a few hours,with check,double check,and check again to be sure you are cutting the correct
Colour and sizes,Tra la,drum roll please it's all cut and ready to go.
 This next one is no11 from The American Beauty,woohoo only one to go.

Another Pumpkin block.

No 3 ,of summertime.I think ive said before,I love stitching these, I could just sit every evening and do these,lovely.

Mind you,I like stitching these too.

All for now see you soon.
Laura xx


  1. Isn't it lovely to have a variety of projects to work on.

  2. I love having a lot of little projects to work on and I enjoy hand stitching, I'm not sure why I don't do that more often. I love your BOM fabrics and the summertime blocks --- how cheerful they are! I may need to buy those patterns... right after SKOW :-). Lovely, all of it!

  3. You are doing so well keeping up with your different projects and they all look beautiful! I really love the pumpkin block, Wendy xx

  4. You get so much done! I love seeing all your different stitching projects, they are just lovely.


  5. It's nice having a few projects to work on at once and you do have some beauties there. Enjoy, hugs

  6. you are unbelievably productive!! Well done. I just love the bundle of fabric there from the FQS - it looks delicious! Looking forward to seeing hte finished product.

  7. love that fabric and so glad you are betterxxx

  8. Your fabrics for the mystery BOM are gorgeous. Look forward to seeing this one come together.
    Lots of lovely've been busy :)