Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lou is fed up and losing the plot !!!!!

Oh dear,every now and then,I start to feel bogged down with all my unfinished stuff.....I have 3 BOMs on the go,pluss SKOW ,Summertime, Tis the Season,oh and I can't remember what else.
When I sat down last night,my head was a whirl and I didn't    know which one to work on.
I am going to finish some stuff,before my head explodes,or I pop me clogs . 

So....I won this fabric last year in a give away,I used the panel and charm pack and made as small quilt that Nicky took back to Australia with her.(so it came from Australia,and went back lol)

I had these 8 8ths left.lovely fabric,very 50s,on Friday I cut them into strips to make placemats.
They will be finished this week with some red binding.

This will be the next item to be finished,only 4 little sticheries to do ,then its going together.I think I will use this for my one Christmas item a month.So I will try not to show it finished untill 24th.
Yep this girls on a mission,

Next item.........................
Farmers Wife,well this is never going to be a quilt,so ive dragged them out the box trimmed them ,none of them are square..Iam going to make a table runner with them,so at least they will be used.

The BOMs I am doing are all due to end in the next 3 months(so why oh why did I sign up for another one later in the year .....)
So rant over for now.

Thought I would share this with you, we took Lilly to the park and saw these.Gorgeous crocus.Lovely and bright.

The dafs are on their way too.Love this time of year,with its promise of things to come.

Lilly as always had a great time.

See you soon with a few finishes ...
love from me.Stay safe.xx


  1. Sometimes having too many things on the to-do list becomes so overwhelming that you just need to walk away. Sounds like this time it has spurred you on - you go girl!

    Love the Spring pictures - we are still inundated with snow and I see scattered flakes falling as I write this!

  2. You have been a busy bee. You know we always sign up for lots of BOM so that we can, in the end....have a UFO pile..hehe. I love your little stitcheries and the gorgeous crocus.

  3. UFO's..... the best decision I have made this year is to join up to OPAM 2013 with Peg and Kris - my UFO pile is years old and being a part of Opam has really spurred me on and I am getting them done... only little things but having that first sewing basket (and I have several) empty is wonderful (and I haven't started to fill it up again iether!!).
    We have to have UFOs and several BOMs going at the same time because..... well because we don't want to miss out on the ones we really like and well fabric and patterns don't go off - they really do keep!!
    You have done well over the past week!!

  4. You're firing along, it's great to get motivated and feel like you've made a dent in the pile, love the blue stitcheries btw - Jen.

  5. you are too funny!! But isn't it wonderful to be bogged down with this kind of stuff?? what shall I work on hmmmmm - I do that every night. When I pop the kids in bed I just sit (and sometimes procrastinate) and wonder what should take priority. I love all your things and it keeps the variety. I'm sure you are NEVER bored. Keep up the wonderful work. Nice to see spring on its way for you. We are waiting for the cooler weather. Going to be 35 on Sunday. Beach weather all week!! yeh!!

  6. Lovely flowers , maybe spring will get here soon

  7. On going projects do get a bit overwhelming sometimes!! You are making great progress though. Love the spring flowers, beautiful, Wendy xx