Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Catching up with stuff

A pair of tab top curtains were the first thing made on my new machine.These are for my little grandson Bryce.You can't see on here,but the top stitching is little cars.

Another block ,SKOW.

Only a couple of blocks to do on this one ,Pumpkin Patch,this BOM finishes in May.

Two hand towels and a kindle cover ,they are now winging their way to my daughter.

At the weekend we had a little trip to Kingsbury Water Park,it's not far from home ,we took  the Camper for its first trip of the season.Its a beautiful place with loads going on,we just chilled out with friends.

We stayed the weekend,Lilly had a great time.

For a little dog,she can really get going with ears flying.

Here she is with her sister Izzy.
All for now,more catching up to do.
Have a good week love from me.xx


  1. lovely sewing there Laura,enjoy your new machine.xx

  2. I am having trouble getting the pics to load :( Enjoy your new machine and have a great week. hugs

  3. Lots of great projects to show! You are putting your new machine to good use - so fun.

  4. You're doing so well keeping up with you BOM's! They all look lovely. Looks a wonderful spot to spend a weekend, cute photo of the flapping ears! Hugs Wendy

  5. Wow you have been busy Laura - loving your bom

  6. HI! Laurajane, Lucky you with a new machine and putting it to good use, nice idea for the curtain tops. Great weekend of camping. We are away on a camping trip now for 6-8 weeks,just moveing around Australia down to the bottom and then up the centre and back across to the coast.

  7. Glad the new machine is getting a good work out :-)