Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lovely weekend,bright and sunny.

Not much done in the way of sewing,have the grandys here.
Started to quilt the large quilt,and my machine just stopped dead.B has oiled it so I'm hoping,it will be OK.Its a Brother Super Galaxie 3000 embroidery machine,and it really doesn't like FMQ.
I finished this block during the week.

This is no 5,still loving these.
The weather(keep fingers crossed)  is finally on the turn ,we hope.The last 2days have been glorious.
Bright sunny and ever so slightly warmer.B has put the motorbikes on the rd,so he's hoping for better weather.(he stores them in the winter months because of the salt on the rds)he has gone to a bike rally today,first ride of the season.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Lovely as usual, tell Bri to be careful on them roads, K's is sill wrapped up too much gravel on the roads yet!

  2. it's a lot better here too thank goodness

  3. Glad to hear the weather is turning. Have some good friends and some family that flew to London for the school holidays and they cant believe how cold it is. They have been too used to the warm weathere here! Looking forward to seeing more blocks. They are so colorful and I love the dark background.

  4. nice fish....they give me ideas for my fish panel.

  5. Gorgeous block, I hope the weather is still improving for you :) Hugs Wendy