Sunday, 5 May 2013

Making jewellery

I love making jewellery,and havnt made any for ages.
We went to Earswood Lakes one day last week,there's a lovely little craft farm.Of course I headed straight for the bead shop(well after I had lunch that comes first lol).
I bought a string of lovely Aqua Marine.
I used the Aqua Marine in this necklace and earrings ,along with some lovely silver shell pearls I had in my bead box,what do you think.....

I bought a Dresden plate ruller this week,been practicing with scraps.

I've tried them before using a paper template,not good for me.not bad at all with ruller,nice crisp cut.

Making a couple of cushions.
Going to put thes in the camper if they turn out OK.

Have a good week.


  1. Lovely necklace and earings and your cushions will be cute, lovely scraps you are playing with hugs

  2. gorgeous jewellery set Laura and love the fabric you are using for your Dresdens,well done.xx

  3. Pretty jewellery, I love Dresdens, your colours will look loveley.

  4. Love your beads and I need one of those rulers