Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mystery BOM

The tops complete,I added 4 more blocks.

I hung it outside on the line,but it was bright sunlight and you can't really see the gorgeous colours.
So here it is draped over the sofa.

Really happy with this quilt,lots of imperfections( not good at keeping points pointed) So have to think about quilting it now.
It will be on hold for a while,as my wonderful hubby just happened to mention to his friend that I was going to make new curtains for the camper...yup you got it,I have been roped into making curtains for his camper.
Worse to come,Steve bought normal curtains and wants me to alter them. Well girls,it's not as easy as that is it.Boys.....don't they know its double the work,I have to unpick these darn curtains and make new ones .Oh well that's me for the next few days,and they are horrible grey colour.
Well it will give me a bit of an insight on how to go about mine ,his can be a practice run.If you have a camper you will know the curtains are not straight forward,they have to fit exactly,and have poppers all way round .
Happy days.xx


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous, but good luck with those curtains...sounds like a horrific job!

  2. How exciting to have your top all finished. Well done. Looks great with the 4 extra blocks. Have fun with the curtains. hugs

  3. wow awesome quilt Laura you have done a wonderful job,love the colours and fabrics you choose to make it in and good luck with the campers curtains.xx

  4. I am so jealous Laura... my 12th block hasn't arrived yet! I love the extra blocks. Did you just repeat 4 from the quilt or do different ones? What size did it end up? And did you use the backing/ finishing kit from FQS? Lots of questions for you today ;)

  5. Love your quilt love the colors

  6. Love your new quilt, it's gorgeous!! Good luck with the curtains, not my favourite type of sewing either!!

  7. Beautiful Quilt! And regarding the camper curtains- "into each life some rain must fall"!