Saturday, 11 May 2013

Thank you

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and kind thoughts.My week has been a whirl of school runs and washing.....
So,after a very long week,we have a new grandchild.He was born at 8 minuites past midnight today 11th May.
He weighs 5lb 13oz ,not bad for 6weeks early.
Mummy and baby are doing well.They have to stay in hospital to be monitored until Monday,but that's OK.
Here he is.

Going to see him later,take the kids to meet their little brother.
More photos to follow.


  1. Congratulations - he is beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful boy!!!! So lucky...there is nothing like a new baby in your life! Congratulations to you all!!!

  3. congrats Laura he is so handsome,what a sweet little guy to welcome into your family,so glad everything is okay.xx

  4. Congratulations on this precious little one! Job well done for all of you!

  5. Congratulations on your new grand son. There really is something special about baby boys. hugs

  6. Congratulations Laura he is beautiful, so pleased he arrived safely and in such good health - love to all xx

  7. Congrats!!!! Such a sweet baby:):):) Happy Mother's day:):)