Wednesday, 24 July 2013

John advent calendar

I bought this yesterday,I can't tell you how many advent calendars Ive made over the years,just know its a lot.
So this one is for our latest addition.

John - Juniors advent calendar

I've cut it ready for sewing ,got plenty of time though to get it made.
It's lovely to sit in the evening a do a little hand sewing which I really enjoy these days.( there was a time when I wouldn't of given you a thank you for hand sewing,apart from x stitch)
Look what came today woohoo I'm so excited.I have been searching the www.for a UK 
supplier  for ages finally found one.I adore this quilt,
Rosalie Quinlans Scandinavian Rose block 1&2.

The 1inch squares are a little
I've chosen a lovely dark  rose pink to stitch it with.
Well have to go now and have a play with the Dresden quilt.....happy days.


  1. How do you feel today dear? i finally went to sleep after 300 out time. i took a half of a sleeping pill a lot of good it did me.

  2. That Dresden Circle looks like a super neat wreath to me! add some grasses/foliage/ flowers and bow or just like it is! Either way would look neat in the right place!

  3. I will curse those 1" squares with you :) I have just finished Block one and have learnt to do not iron the 1" squares whilst in the process of joining everything! Looking forward to seeing your progress. hugs