Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Birthday cake for Bryce

Bryce wanted a chocolate cake for his 6th Birthday,so that is what I made.

                                  One chocolate cake baked by granny.
Cut a hole in the middle and fill with sweets ,I put a thin lid to cover the hole and covered it with chocolate fondant icing.

Chocolate fingers all round the sides and filled the top with sweets,they stick nicely to the fondant.

Some yellow green and red ribbon to tart it up a bit.

Looking at Sharon's blog gave me this idea,can't wait to see my grandsons face when he cuts it.

This is the only sewing I have managed this week,
All stitched ,only two to do now.
Will try to remember to take a photo of my gorgeous boy later when he cuts his cake.x


  1. That is a great idea for a kid's cake but I bet it could be turned into a fun adult cake as well!

  2. wow Laura that cake looks awesome,your GS will love it,well done and your block is very cute,have a lovely day.xx

  3. Stunning cake. Wish I though to cut a hole in the top instead of the way I did it. I will remember this for nest time :o) hugs

  4. This cake looks amazing and so delicious. Well done.

  5. nice surprise for him. we have done something similar as a "money cake". you take an empty small box, cut a slit in the top, cut the hole in cake (used a 13x9 cake) placed money taped end to end and fanfolded inside box with just tip hanging out top. then frosted over cake and box top and taped end of money to cake topper. once topper taken off the money keeps coming out of cake. lots of fun! and the money doesn't touch cake because of the box. I am always asked by kids attending family birthdays if I will make THEM one. LOL