Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bryce's birthday

Just thought I would share a few pictures of last weeks birthday.This boy loved his cake.
Cutting his cake,if you could of heard the yells when he saw the sweets inside.

As you can see my two grandys are mixed race,but this kid has the brightest blue eyes you have ever seen,he melts granny's heart.The cake went down well.
He thinks it's hilarious that granny always kisses the envelope.
Jay loved the cake,she's ordered maltesers for
His PJs with his name on.
Well there you go ,my gorgeous grandchildren loved the cake and Bryce had a great birthday.His stepdad bought him a bike,He said (wow I'm lucky) 
I think it's us that's lucky having such great kids.xx


  1. They are both beautiful children. Bryce looks like he was really enjoying himself. I love that Jay has got the order in for her cake! I also like granny's kiss on the envelope.

  2. A birthday to remember. I guess candy cakes will be the favourite from here on in.

  3. oh how sweet what beautiful grandies you have Laura and love the pics.xx

  4. Beautiful children...lucky you to be grandparents! And lucky them to have you...that is quite the cake!

  5. Your grandkids look beautiful, such a great idea for the cake! I love the lipsticked envelope!! Hugs Wendy

  6. Wow. What a super cake. No wonder he was excited. Such gorgeous kids.

  7. Oh my, that cake... What I wouldn't give for a piece of that right now!! Looks like he had a great day, Happy Birthday to Bryce!