Saturday, 23 November 2013

One Christmas item

Posting about it a couple of days early,will be putting my decs up this weekend and I may forget to do this post.
This month I made these,no sewing beading instead.I love beads ,make lots of jewellery so when I saw this kit I just had to have it.

These packets are jammed ful of beads.

Lovely angels,my daughter has her eye on these.

Here they are in a row on my fireplace.

I've enjoyed this group,I am going to check on all I have made over the year and start to give it to the people they were made for.



  1. these are very cute Laura,well done.xx

  2. Gorgeous angels Laura - something to add to the heirloom colletions of the lucky receivers!!

  3. I love those Laura Jane . I . Love every thing christmas

  4. Your beaded angels are so gorgeous, love them! Hugs Wendy

  5. Hi Laura Jane,
    How awesome are those angels!!!
    Very sweet.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Oh my! These are just so beautiful!
    Thank you for being a 1 Xmas Item Elf through the year :o)