Monday, 18 November 2013

This and that

We had a few days away for our birthdays and anniversary .Weymouth on the south coast.I love the seaside.

It was beautiful when we arrived,blue sky's ,lovely.
The next day we had this...

These were taken from the car,this lovely place is called Sea View!!!

Bri wanted to visit the Tank museum at Bovington,he had a great time.I had a quick look round then found a nice chair and sat and read my kindle lol.

That's Bri inside this one.
These tanks are huge ,can you imagine those poor men stuck in one of these in the extreme heat.
There are over 200 tanks in the museum ,from all counties, it was very interesting.
Got a chance to wear mt hat.not telling you the rude comment I had from
Been making Christmas cards this weekend.

I don't know about you,but I am a very messy crafter.

Love this one,I have a lovely pointsetia die for my bigshot.I cut six and put them in a circle.

My birthday was spent with the kids.(but it was me that spent all day cooking haha)

Well that's it for now,a little sewing to share tomorrow .xx


  1. lovely pics at the sea side Laura,your cards are gorgeous and yes i am a messy crafter also,lol.xx
    ps happy birthday.

  2. Army we all messed? That's what makes us genius,.Ha ha hugs and another happy birthday, can't think of a better way to spend my b day with the grands

  3. The hat's adorable, that's definitely your colour, I'm sorry the weather wasn't better for you.

  4. Gee you have been so busy. I'm with you on the messy crafting. Those pics of the English seaside looks beautiful. I just adore any seaside and would live to explore the English Coast. The only part I have seen is white cliffs at Dover arriving on the ferry from France about 21 yrs ago. Only spent two days in London then. They are gorgeous cards too. You are very (multi talented). And yes, cannot imagine being in those tanks for an hour let alone days and weather extremes. Really brings it home doesn't it. My uncle fought in the RAF and was at storming of Normandy (?). We didn't find out a lot until after he died. Such a shame in a way that he didn't want to talk about it.

  5. a messy crafter is a creative crafter. too bad the weather didn't cooperate with your plans but it looks like you had a good time anyway. great time always to spend with the kids. even if you have to cook.......

  6. Lots of lovely things in the post, looks like you had a wonderful time despite the weather! Cute photo of you in your hat and your cards look wonderful too! Hugs Wendy