Sunday, 1 December 2013

Busy week.

Here there and everywhere this week,so not a lot of sewing being done.went to see my darling brother Ray,and sister in law Margearet,they are both keeping going,Both in their 80s.
I started this,another block of Scandinavian Rose.
I've just taken this picture with my Ipad,so it's not great.
So girls how do you sew,I have tried hoops of all sizes ,but when I am doing back stitch or chain stitch I find it's much neater without a hoop.
Jayda and I did a little crafting,she wanted to make place mats for Christmas.

I wish I had taken pictures of them as they were great.We each have our own mat with our names on and decorated by Jay,then I laminated them.

Bryce was jumping up and down trying to get in the picture.
Here he is gorgeous boy.

I just love being a granny.
Our baby,he's coming on nicely ,almost 7 months now.

Soup making this week,it's very chilly here now,so a nice bowl of soup is order of the day,this is sweet potato and leeks.
This next one is my fave,carrot and beetroot,I make a huge pot of this and freeze it in good size portions,it's one of Bri's faves too.
This is the drop that diddnt get frozen ,ready to eat with yummy crusty bread.
So that's been my week,not a lot of sewing but plenty of everything else,and next week is going to be the same,you have to get loads of visiting in this time of year.
Have a good week everyone.
Love from


  1. It's always lovely to see the photo's of babes, they're
    so cute. Soup looks delightful and the stitchery is coming
    along nicely. Hoops you say? I have never gotten along
    well with hoops but I use small hoops when I'm stitching
    it seems easier that way.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. it is so much fun being with the grandies Laura they are such special times and love your stitchery,that soup sounds yummy i havent heard of this sort before,but i love beetroot and carrot.xx

  3. So many special memories to be made with that cutie :)

    As for the stitching....nope, no hoop used here. They get in my way and I find my hand cramps up when I have tired using one. I am also a bare foot sewer at the machine, well maybe socks in winter, you? hugs

  4. Jadya looks like " brother is such a mess" in their pictures together

  5. still loving that Scandinavian Rose. Gorgeous kids and it all look so cosy and homely.....Merry Christmas.xo