Friday, 24 January 2014

One Christmas item

This is what I have stitched this month.
One elf
Lots of blocks on this quilt so I've made two for this month.
Thought I would share this,Lilly has a thing about curtains .She curls up in them daft dog.
Or hides behind them.
Laura xx


  1. Pretty blocks, what pattern is it? Lilly sure is a poser xxx

  2. Lovely blocks. Little Lilly is Janet so cute.

  3. Very cute couple of fellows there :o)
    Lilly is so adorable!

  4. Very cute blocks and very cute dog! Well done on yr Christmas item too. Couldn't even dream of thinking about Christmas right now.

  5. Lily is so cute all rolled up in the curtains. my cat does that. he pulls them back from the back of the couch and makes a cocoon. silly animals. love your blocks. so cute

  6. Love your two gorgeous blocks Laura. Lily is the cutest - you couldn't growl at her being in the curtains. She would only have to look at you with those cute eyes