Sunday, 16 March 2014

Do you remember this,Summertime wall hanging.

Well I did finish this ,it's on a previous post.
Had no idea what to do or where to hang it.So this is what I came up with.I chopped it in half....rearranged it stitched it back together and put a back on it.Two wide "straps"to keep it in place.

It now sits on the back of the sofa.We love it there,looks bright and cheerful.Its a leather sofa and they do strike a bit cold in the winter months it's usually covered in quilts.

Another one of these,
Not many to go now,I've been playing with the blocks today.Decided to use all the scraps from The mystery BOM that I am making for Nicky.Its looking good will take some photos and show tomorrow.
All for now .Laura x


  1. Brilliant use of your quilt

  2. The quilt looks fantastic. It certainly is bright and cheerful. Lucky you have a black couch as it stands out wonderfully. Well done.

  3. Oh wow, what a fantastic idea! I've got a quilt top that I just can't seem to finish that would look amazing on our sofa...thank you for the inspiration!!

  4. HI! Laurajane.I love that quilt especially on the black sofa looks very colourful and perfectly displayed.