Tuesday, 24 June 2014

This and that

Nickys quilt is finally finished and ready to to Australia with me in November.
I love it,it has eight extra blocks ,

My usual wobbly quilting( the quilting police needn't bother coming to my house lol)
I have made quilts for many years but only started to quilt then two years ago.A pattern is beyond me but I will keep trying.

Shez has been raving about this book so I thought I would get it.....well Shez you are not wrong it's a fabulous book.Ive already decided what I am going to make first and have photocopied it ready to trace.

A beautiful table runner.Cant wait to get started.

Made another one of these little pots.

And another pincushion.

The last two reighndeer .

Stitched a couple of club badges on for Bs friends( 4 in total) their wives can't thread needles,all the sewing comes to me.

Thought I would share this,sewing on the binding and sorting the loose ends ,of couse Lilly has to help....

She's a little bugger,sits on what you're doing and can't shift her.
Half way through painting my craft room,so better get back to it.
Lou xx


  1. Looks amazing with the extra blocks. Was there enough fabric in the finishing kit etc for the extra required for the bigger border? I haven't started mine yet but might make a few extra blocks also. I too much get that book because seeing this table runner popping up everywhere makes me want to make one also :o) hugs

  2. beautiful quilt!
    You have so much energy

  3. You sure have been busy my friend your quilt is gorgeous and i knew you would love the book so many beautiful things to make,enjoy my friend,hope you have an awesome day Laura xx

  4. such an adorable little helper you have. beautiful quilt! that is how we all learn..by doing and getting better each time. your new project looks fun too! hmm.....embroidery.....I do like the look of the two together

  5. Lovely projects as usual, I bought that book last Friday as well!

  6. Nicky's quilt looks fantastic, Laura. My blocks are still sitting there waiting for me! LOL!

  7. Ok not that I don't believe Shez but Laura you have convinced me to get this book now! I don't need it it. Only want. You know how it goes. I adore that quilt. It's going to be heavy in your luggage but good in that you can bring home more shopping!

  8. You are busy! The quilt is gorgeous, it is a beautiful gift. Pets seem to have a knack of sitting where you don't want them too!! xx

  9. Lilly is the cutest little thing.

  10. Nickys quilt is beautiful and pretty fabric, your quilting is great! Little Lilly is so cute she would get away with anything with me.