Wednesday, 3 September 2014

This and that

On my own this week,B has gone on a motorbike trip to France with his Club.They are riding to Millau in the south to see the bridge in the sky.Its a long ride,I couldn't do it now,couldn't sit on the bike that long ,my joints wouldn't like it.
Don't  much like being on my own and I'm a terrible worrier.
Been keeping busy with decorating crocheting and a bit of stitching.

The two end panls of the table runner have been stitched and I can now put it together

Amigurumi animals are growing.

This is supposed to be a cat....

Aren't they cute.
The weather has warmed up and it's been glorious last couple of days,this always happens in September when the children go back to school after their summer hols.
Lovely a Autumnal mornings and evenings,I love this season.
Enjoy the rest of you're week.
X Lou 


  1. Your little animals are adorable and your table runner will be fabulous.

  2. Hi Laura love all your animals you are very clever my friend and boy it didnt take you long to get them made,well done and i hope you have a lovely day.xx

  3. Your stitchery is looking so pretty, Laura. Those little animals are very cute.

  4. Lovely stitching Laura and your animals are so cute

  5. Lovely toys, your needle must be hot! Looking forward to seeing the runner finished, hope you are both well xxx

  6. Those animals look like a lot of fun and the panels are so pretty.

  7. Every thing you do is beautiful, hugsxxx

  8. Beautiful colours in the stitchery. I was lazy and used one variegated thread. Such cute creatures - you are very talented.

  9. Your stitching is beautiful, as always. Love the little animals, the giraffe is my favorite. I think you should try a ladybug next :-).

  10. Beautiful stitching and those little animals are sooo cute! xx