Friday, 6 May 2016

Are we all still here?

Well it's been over a year since I put anything on here ,so thought it time I caught up with everyone.We are still plodding along B and me.Im still sewing and crocheting etc.

This is a CAL I am taking part in called Frida's Flowers.Its in eight parts ,one every two weeks.

Another WIP,this blanket is Persian Tiles I'm making it for my daughter.

Here he is,my youngest grandson John-Junio can you believe he will be three next week.He is such a lovely funny cheeky little sausage.

Gorgeous grandson Bryce is growing into a handsome young man.

Today I bought fabric yaaaay havnt done any quilting  for ages,my sister is eighty this year and has been asking for a quilt for a long time ,so I'm going to surprise her for her birthday and make her a sampler quilt.

Tons of fat quarters,of course Lilly has to poke her nose in where it's not wanted lol.
All for now,lots more stuff to show but things have been it my camera for months lol,time to do some transferring.
Have a lovely weekend everyone and for mums celebrating Mother Day have a lovely one.xx


  1. hello my lovely friend,good to see you back,i always love seeing what you are working on,its always beautiful and both your grandsons are growing up to be quite handsome young men,yes our little GS will be three soon,they grow up to quick,lol,hope you have a wonderful mother's day my friend xx

  2. so good to have you back on here , of course i get you on facebook so able to keep up, hugs dear friend

  3. nice to see you back.......lovely crochet.....
    those fabrics are going to make a lovely quilt.........