Monday, 30 May 2016

Finished blanket.

Nicola's crochet blanket is finished and ready to post.

I really enjoyed making this one,only a few weeks as its small 46 inch square.Nice lap blanket for cooler days.
This kid is a bruiser lol,he went to nursery with one black eye after head butting the coffee table and came home with two black eyes after bumping into another child.

Natalie is forever telling him to slow down he goes everywhere at full speed.The other two were very quiet and shy ,this one is sure making up for it lol.
I'm still cutting out blocks for my sisters quilt,will take some pictures soon.
I have also decided that this year will be the one.....the one when I finally sort myself and my weight problem out.I returned to my slimming club in April...

16.5 lbs off lots more to go,watch this space.
Have a great week everyone.xx


  1. good luck! i quit sweets for 4 days! Ha Ha couldn't last

  2. that blanket is beautiful. congrats on the loss. great job. I need to do that too........

  3. Lovely blanket, hope the bruises heal soon !

  4. Your little crochet lap quilts are precious!