Sunday, 21 August 2016

This and that

I've been busy crafting,just not blogging....I finished the quilt for my dear sisters 80th birthday.
Her birthday is in October but I gave it her early 
Sheila is very poorly at the minute and is in hospital.Been diagnosed with cervical cancer and is now having chemotherapy.Poor girl,that's not all,she fell in the hospital bathroom and broke her hip in three places so she really is not good .
Happier things now..
I have two crochet blankets finished
Both Janie Crow designs,love them both.
Christmas quilt finished last night.
This is a Curtis Boehringer design,I'm not over fond of it but I started so thought I should finish.
Couple of baby blankets on the way.

Love this pattern.
So now a few pictures of the grandys
He's a handsome boy my Bryce,almost 9.
Jayda had her prom night ...did she wear a dress,not on your life
She's a footballer lol,hates frocks.( she's only 11,all that could change when she goes to Senior School in September.)
The baby,John-Junior
He never sits still and is so noisy lol.
Well that's about it for now.
Lou xx


  1. love all your projects and pictures of the grands, Lou Miss reading your blog. prays for your sister

  2. I love all your projects as well...I especially love the crochet stitch you use for baby blankets, could you share the name of that stitch? Your grands are absolutely adorable.......bless your dusters heart, prayers being sent her way for a fast recovery.....

    Rhonda in Ohio

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  4. Gee you have been busy. I really love the crotchet. It seems you sister also loved her quilt - so special you got it to her early so she can now use it in her recovery. Wishing her all the best. xo

  5. I meant' to add the grandies really are gorgeous kids!

  6. what a great quilt for your sister........sorry to hear she is so unwell at the moment..........I sure hope she heals well quickly........and fights the fight.........

  7. Sorry about your sister! Your quilts are lovely!