Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Monday Bri took me to Weedon ,a little place in Northamton to my favourite fabric shop.this is me going in...
and this is me coming out with a silly grin on my face..
You would never believe how much I spent,and such a little bag!! My purchases
Fabric in the U.K is very expansive,so I will have to make this do for a while.
Now you may be wondering (what on earth is all that rubbish she has put on now) well this is the contrast between the photos I take ,and the photos my husband takes.All this rubbish is his treasure. At the moment he has, 2 motorbikes on road,and 2 in different states of repair. 1 car on road and 3 in states of repair He is a very happy man when covered in grease and oil(and love love him to bits) love to all Lou x ps if there are tons of spelling mistakes,its the computers fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

love weekends

Had a lovely weekend,its the time when me and Bri stay home.As we are both retired ,we are out and about during the week,and stay home weekends when everyone else is out and about. I have spent my time making jewellery.
There are a mixture of gems in this little lot,I always use semi precious stones.These are made with onyx jasper jade agate unikite,and sterling silver findings.There are a couple of copper beads in there too. Most of these are going out,but the orange and yellow agate I love and have kept for myself.

Monday, 9 January 2012

bags and boxes

I have finished the box,it is now dry and on my kitchen counter,(holding Weight Watchers stuff.)
this sums me up.....
The Japanese knot bags are made,and I am very pleased with them.I did have to think a bit as I was going by memory. I knew the long handle went through the short one,but couldnt think how.Anyway I sorted it out. the smaller one is for my granddaughter to keep her pumps in at school.The pump bags here are draw string ones,and little fingers do have trouble with them,this will be much easier .
Oh,and now they are made,I went on line and,yep I found instructions,wouldnt you just know it,there are even intructions for a knitted one.Oh well,its now back to the Hexi's see you all soon Laura xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

work in progress

Hi everyone,I have made a pattern
and cut the fabric.I saw these bags at a craft fair,and thought I would have a go.Hope it turns out O.K.Its called a Japanese knot bag,for the lining I have used some curtain fabric I had left over. I have cut a smaller bag too,for my granddaughter ,thought it would make a good pump bag for school.
The box is finished and drying out( i do use loads of glue...)
This is a very rare sight,my work bench and well used cutting mat ...I havnt seen it in months,usually under a mountain of stuff.
Hope to have time to sew the bags tomorrow.hospital appointment in the morning but hopefully free afternoon..Till then have a nice day.xxLaura

Saturday, 7 January 2012


this is the fabric I bought to make a bag.You know me.not real good with computing , I thought I had put it on yesterdy.Oh well itya all good fun....Today I am going to cut out the bag.x

Friday, 6 January 2012

that time of year again...

Hi friends,its that time of year again,went to meet all my weight watching friends yesterday...Cant tell you how much I gained over the festive season...
I saw this little tool on the front of a magazine,and thought it would be fun.It makes lovely flowers and bows,I have tried wire and ribbon so far.Nice for cards.
I also bought this sweet fabric from our local craft shop,I cant resist bags,And I think thats what I'll make with it.I also need a box of sorts for all the W W stuff,should have enough for both. See you soon Lou xxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

10th try to put jelly roll on.....
So,what to do with this jelly roll??? xx
having computer probs as usual,I know I'm useless but just wish my friend Sue would come over from Canada,and make my blog look lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.xx
hello to anyone who might be popping in.Happy New Year to you all ,hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.I have finished knitting Santa,just in time to go away for next year,he will have a wife by then(hopefull).He has been shown to everyone and guess w.
hat,you got,I need to make about 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought this jelly rolllast week in the sale (cant pass a bargain)it was just a few £ and of course I had to have it.Thing is.I now think the colours are too dark,so dont know what to do with it. I also made these last week.I have had this panel in the cupboard for years,diddnt know what to do with it(another impulse buy).Last week I took it out cut it inhalf and made two cushion covers. I will be getting on with the hexis for my daughter's quilt as well now.