Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Monday Bri took me to Weedon ,a little place in Northamton to my favourite fabric shop.this is me going in...
and this is me coming out with a silly grin on my face..
You would never believe how much I spent,and such a little bag!! My purchases
Fabric in the U.K is very expansive,so I will have to make this do for a while.
Now you may be wondering (what on earth is all that rubbish she has put on now) well this is the contrast between the photos I take ,and the photos my husband takes.All this rubbish is his treasure. At the moment he has, 2 motorbikes on road,and 2 in different states of repair. 1 car on road and 3 in states of repair He is a very happy man when covered in grease and oil(and love love him to bits) love to all Lou x ps if there are tons of spelling mistakes,its the computers fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx
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