Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I am going to look at some puppy's tomorrow,some beautiful Lhaso Apso watch this space ,I may have a new addition very soon. Xx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

sunny Sunday in February

Its beautiful again today,we have had a few lovely warm sunny days. I have finished the red quilt top,but am not putting it together untill I can machine quilt(lets hope its not years)
I thought I would show a photo of this shoe last,it was my husbands great granddads,many shoes have been repaired on it.Bri can remember his dad using it in the 50s.We dont repair shoes these days,so Bri has painted it with Amerite and we use it for a door stop.( I love that old items have new uses.)

my beautiful granddaughter had her seventh bithday this week,and we went to Toys R Us.
Jayda's teeth are falling out now,so all the photo's are with the mouth firmley shut.....

This is a crafty girls best friend
its a good job Bri likes hotpot,he gets one very often.
the jelly roll that I wasnot too fussed about,made, 2 not too bad cushions.My grandchildren have claimed them. Well its time to sort out some dinner,cant give my Brian hotpot on a Laura.xx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

This is how I spend Thursday mornings,and this week I lost'm happy with that.
the quilt is coming together very nicely,I am putting the top together today. Its a rainy day in Coventry,just the day to stay in and sew.Bri is off to a motorbike show tomorrow,so another day of sewing or knitting. I will post a photo of the top of the quilt later when it is all Lou

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

this is my new best friend,and I love it.Havnt had a real
play with it yet,but its my granddaughters birthday next week..... A couple of weeks ago I saw on Sharons blog these little quilts called blankets of love.They are for baby units and and are given to familys who's baby has died at birth,or just after.I went online and found the U.K address and have finished this pink one.
and have this blue top made ready to put together.I have been practising free motion machine quilting,and hopefully will try it out on this little quilt,fingers crossed.
I have also started this quilt today,took me all yesterday afternoon to cut it out,and today I made one block.
till next time,love.laura xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012


I lost 1.5 this week,thrilled.Thats 8lb in

Monday, 6 February 2012

chilly weather

Well we have had a few very cold days here in England,we've been very lucky so far this winter.We had snow on Saterday but its almost gone now. I havnt been able to get anywhere near my craft room,Bri,(my other half} is putting in more cupborads and work top.Its a very small craft room,what we in Engalnd call the box room( small bedroom)it will hopfully be finished today.
these cute heart pockets are for my gorgeous grandchildren for Valentines,they have the usual chewey rubbish in them ,I cut the hearts out on my new best friend,my Cricut Expression.Have been thinging about buying one for at least 3 years,glad I took the plunge its fantastic.(cant wait to get back in my room and play some more) I found this block pattern in one of my many books,and thought I would see how they turned out.They are called pinwheel blocks,and I must say they are the easiest blocks I have ever made.I think they are great,will make a few more,see how they go.
Whoo hoo ,Just spotted Bri back with my worktop.Bye for now. love