Friday, 30 March 2012

Not for me.

I have spent all afternoon machine quilting.....I will spend all night unpicking it.Grrrrr WHY CAN'T I DO's such a mess.....

Sunday, 25 March 2012

free motion machine quilting

this is a little projet I saw on Clover and Violet.Its a cover for a reader. Here are all the bits cut out and then stitched ,
Now I am not good at free motion machine quilting,but I am practising and hope to apply it to a quilt this year.I have decided not to let it fill me with terror and just have a go.It was just enough on this little projet,not perfect but O.K. I found this little tool at a car boot sale.It makes covering button,sooo easy.Just cut your fabric place it over the hole put the back of the button in place,put the back on press down, hey presto job done,how cool is that.
Here is my finished cover,I hope Sandie drops by so she can see I am still practising the quilting.
until next time xxx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

mothers day

Its Mothers Day on Sunday ,here in the U.K,so I thought I would post a couple of pics of my lovely mum.I was only 21 when she died,and have missed her for 42 years now.I feel sad that she missed all the important things in my life,only met my lovely Bri a couple of times,and of course never got to see our beautiful girls. Happy Mothers Day this first pic was taken in 1947,the year before I was born,and mum was 35 years old.She was a widow when she met my dad,and had 3 children Raymond Shiela and Maureen,she married my dad and had 3 more,me,Jonh and Terrence. Dad always said they had to even the score..... Violet Eveline Harris [nee grooms]1912-1971 loved and
This has Vi 17 on the back .so I'm thinking that must be the age she was at the time it was

Monday, 12 March 2012

the grandkids and Lilly

As you can see,that Lilly is very playful. We had an invitation from the vets,and Lilly is going to her first puppy party tonight!!!!!!!!!!( no idea will let you know) She loves it out in the conservatory,I think because its nice and warm out there.

crafting with grandma

Its Mothers Day on Sunday 18th here in U.K,my gradnchildren both decided they wanted to make cards for mummy while staying at Grannys house(cos they know granny has all the stuff)
here is Jayda working very nicely .
and the finished card
Bryce needed a little help with his,but then he is only 4.
and the finished card.


here are the 3 lovely quilties I recieved from Sandie.They are all beautiful.Thank you Sandie Jamie and
I have started the next lot of quilties,I amreally enjoying these swaps,great fun finding friends all around the world.(this is thanks to my friend Sue who introduced me to the world of blogging)xxx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

She has settled in really well,my husband(the man that said ,n
o more dogs ever)loves her to bits,mind you its hard not to. here she is in her new bed.
will put more on later,its taking forever on this Laura xx

sunday afternoon,and still cold and wet

On Saturday we brought home our lovely new addition,she is a Lhaso Apso and we have called her Lilly.
so here sh is Lilly in the garden exploring.

Very wet cold Sunday

We have a new addition,her name is Lilly,photos to follow.(Iam completely besotted )