Sunday, 25 March 2012

free motion machine quilting

this is a little projet I saw on Clover and Violet.Its a cover for a reader. Here are all the bits cut out and then stitched ,
Now I am not good at free motion machine quilting,but I am practising and hope to apply it to a quilt this year.I have decided not to let it fill me with terror and just have a go.It was just enough on this little projet,not perfect but O.K. I found this little tool at a car boot sale.It makes covering button,sooo easy.Just cut your fabric place it over the hole put the back of the button in place,put the back on press down, hey presto job done,how cool is that.
Here is my finished cover,I hope Sandie drops by so she can see I am still practising the quilting.
until next time xxx
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