Wednesday, 14 March 2012

mothers day

Its Mothers Day on Sunday ,here in the U.K,so I thought I would post a couple of pics of my lovely mum.I was only 21 when she died,and have missed her for 42 years now.I feel sad that she missed all the important things in my life,only met my lovely Bri a couple of times,and of course never got to see our beautiful girls. Happy Mothers Day this first pic was taken in 1947,the year before I was born,and mum was 35 years old.She was a widow when she met my dad,and had 3 children Raymond Shiela and Maureen,she married my dad and had 3 more,me,Jonh and Terrence. Dad always said they had to even the score..... Violet Eveline Harris [nee grooms]1912-1971 loved and
This has Vi 17 on the back .so I'm thinking that must be the age she was at the time it was
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