Sunday, 8 April 2012

finished things

I have completed my daughters quilt,
Nickys partner is in England visiting his parents,so he will take it back with him. I took the photo early morning,so the light does catch it a bit. the next pic is Nickys quilt and mine side by side(such a lot of the dreaded hand sewing)
The red quilt is one I was saving untill I could maching quilt.Change of plan.I have put it all together and it is also going to Australia with Tony. I am on a bit of a finishing spree at the moment,I am going into hospital some time in the next couple of months to have an Op on my shoulder.The specialist has told me that I wont be able to do much for a few months,then its loads of physio
the little blankets of love,for our local baby unit,I did the pink one ages ago ,and have now copleted the blue one,they are going to my friend next week( her daughter works in the baby unit)
Please dont look too close at this next one.I have been playing with a few ideas,and machine quilting(very badly) but my little Jayda(granddaughter)thinks its beautiful,so its off to her house so I dont have to look at it.
So I have had a busy weekend. Until next time,I hope you all had a joyful Easter.
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