Monday, 23 April 2012


I have this lovely jelly roll,Christmas fabrics.I do like jellyrolls but never know what to do with them.I found this great pattern on utube,by Three Dudes,had fun with it.
I stitched 5 pieces together,then cut them( they have to be in squaires)
you put 2 squares together stitch all around the square,and cut diagonal. Cant wait to see what they will look like stitched. This next one is some fat quarters I bought a while ago.We have some pipework in the kitchen,that for some reason or another cant be moved,so I heve decided to hank a quilt over them.
Anyone who knows me,will know I have a BIG problem with machine quilting.Well I am still practising,I think I know where I have been going wrong.THis quilt will be quilted,I know its not the best, but finaly I am happy with it.
I will put a photo on when finished,it will be a while asI am taking my time and only doing a small bit at a time. see you very soon loads more to put on. ps No news of the surgery yet,so will keep on sewing. hugs Laura
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