Sunday, 13 May 2012

farmers wife quilt

Well I took the plunge and started to make the blocks for The Farmers Wife quilt.I dont know why I was so afraid of starting it,apart from its very small blocks,only 6 inch,its great fun.So far I have made 4 blocks. I couldnt decide how to do it,go for the easy ones first ,or the ones I liked best.In the end I decided to start at No 1 and work my way through.I will decide later how many I want to make and how large its going to be(I can see me doing them all).
I have cut the next couple of blocks out,I think some of them will be very interesting....
Bri bought me this wonderful tool,so hopefully no more cut fingers,its great I am going to get the other 2,theycome in 3 sizes,this is the middle one.
Have also made a small piece of jewellery this week.A friends 11 year old niece passed away last week.The childs favourite colour was orange,all the girls in the fammily are going to wear a piece of orange jewellery,and the boys are wearing orange. ties.
Bri is going to but me one of those tiny seam irons next time we go out,so as well as not cutting myself I will not burn myself. He's one of the good guys ,spoils me rotten.. Have also ordered a rotating cutting mat,hoping it will make life easy. well,till next time love from
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