Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Thank you everyone for your good wishes.The surgery went well,time to heal now . Post opp in a few weeks then it's physio(my favourite..NOT) But all is looking very good. Laura xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012


I have a few blocks made this week,but not taken photos yet.Dont know when I will get them on. Having surgery on my shoulder tomorrow,so I may not be posting for a while,wish me luck friends. Laura xx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

making blocks

Feeling much better now,that cold took it out of me I can tell you. I have stiched the layer cake all together ,now its ready to be recut. I have these block templates,and decided to use this blue and yellow to make some blocks.They are 12 inch ,I dont know yet what I am going to do with them, so far I have made 3 blocks. I have started to make blocks for my own quilt,the quilt will be about where I live and what I like.I love cake....so this is my fisrt block,designed and made by me. I have a few more F.W blocks cut out ,hope to get those together tomorrow.I have also started to make a 40 th birthday card for my daughters partner.His bday is not till January,but its a big card,will post some pics later. The F.W are so small I pop the bits into envelopes untill I am ready to sew. The last picture is my gorgeous Lilly ,she had her first haircut on Thursday.Till next time,love from me.xx

Monday, 11 June 2012

farmers wife

Hello ,I have not done much this last week,been feeling a bit poory with the flu,hubby too. I have made a couple of FW blocks,but thats about it. Bri is restoring a motorbike(well several).This tank has just come back from the sprayer,it is off a 1974 BMW,Bri did a bit of jumping up and down with joy.(whatever makes you happy)its not a good photo,I used my phone,but it really is a lovely paint job. A lovely Kaffe Fassett charm pack,and a layer cake ,I coudnt resist them..... I have decided to design and make my own quilt ,all about me..well the things I like.I have all sorts of things jumping around in my head.I live in Coventry,a town steeped in mediaevel history,I think lady Godiva might find her way to my quilt.As I say, my head is full so I have to start and plan things out.Wish me luck. till next time ,enjoy your week.love from me.xxx P.S Still havnt learned to line pictures with words.I look at your blogs and you are all so darn clever.

Friday, 1 June 2012

the garden

we have a very small garden,but my lovely hubby makes the most of it.(I dont do gardening)
the furry thing is of course Lilly...under everything as usual.
This week ,is our Queens Diamond Jubilee god bless her,60 years serving her country.All my nieces of course want something red white and blue.Aunty Lou can you make me a ...and me ,and my friend.....So lots of glass beads(usually buy semi precious and use silver,but not for this lot)and hours,they all have something red white and blue,handbag charms stretchy brallets necklaces earings ,made about 50 pieces this week,who has time to sew...
I wish I had taken more pictures,but I have had girls coming in and out all the week. The second block of my BOM,I managed to make time to make this..
until next time,love from me. ps few Farmers Wife this weekend I think.