Friday, 1 June 2012

the garden

we have a very small garden,but my lovely hubby makes the most of it.(I dont do gardening)
the furry thing is of course Lilly...under everything as usual.
This week ,is our Queens Diamond Jubilee god bless her,60 years serving her country.All my nieces of course want something red white and blue.Aunty Lou can you make me a ...and me ,and my friend.....So lots of glass beads(usually buy semi precious and use silver,but not for this lot)and hours,they all have something red white and blue,handbag charms stretchy brallets necklaces earings ,made about 50 pieces this week,who has time to sew...
I wish I had taken more pictures,but I have had girls coming in and out all the week. The second block of my BOM,I managed to make time to make this..
until next time,love from me. ps few Farmers Wife this weekend I think.


  1. What a lovely generous aunty you are! All the beading looks pretty and I love the new block.

  2. Bet you are everyones favourite auntie ;o) Love the jubilee jewelry.
    Hope you are having a very Jubilant weekend. God Save the Queen..... and lovely aunties!

  3. Oh i love the red white and blue beads, gorgeous and I love the farmers block, lovely coloursx

  4. Beautiful garden flowers! And so nice that hubby does the work--the best of both worlds;-)
    Such a generous aunty you are---I know the girls must have loved their special jewelry!
    I love your blog...enjoyed reading your past posts. And you've inspired me to work on my farmer's wife blocks again! xo

  5. Hi Laurajane! You are a wonderful auntie to make all that cute jewelry! Your new quilt block is the pinks and greens. Denise