Saturday, 16 June 2012

making blocks

Feeling much better now,that cold took it out of me I can tell you. I have stiched the layer cake all together ,now its ready to be recut. I have these block templates,and decided to use this blue and yellow to make some blocks.They are 12 inch ,I dont know yet what I am going to do with them, so far I have made 3 blocks. I have started to make blocks for my own quilt,the quilt will be about where I live and what I like.I love this is my fisrt block,designed and made by me. I have a few more F.W blocks cut out ,hope to get those together tomorrow.I have also started to make a 40 th birthday card for my daughters partner.His bday is not till January,but its a big card,will post some pics later. The F.W are so small I pop the bits into envelopes untill I am ready to sew. The last picture is my gorgeous Lilly ,she had her first haircut on Thursday.Till next time,love from me.xx
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