Monday, 30 July 2012

beautiful summer days

Good morning all.We have had the most glorious week,warm and sunny.Such a welcome change after all the months of rain. A few walks with Lilly.
As you can see,I am having a bad hair day on this first photo... These photos were taken at Coventry War Memorial Park. Lilly loves it here,has a good run around.
Poppys carved into the trunk of a dead tree.A local sculpture does these,I will have to show the ones he did at Coombe Abbey. The yellow and blue quilt blocks are stitched together.
Block 2 of Fat Quarter Shops mystery quilt BOM came this week,also block 4 from the cotton patch.
The lovely tiny charm pack came with the first block of the mystery quilt,I love the fabrics with this BOM,I will have to take a photo of the finishing and backing fabrics becauuse they are so Yummy,(cant think of a better word to descibe them).
As you know,3 of my dear friends retired last week,all from the same school.Great loss to Gosford Park Primary School.I hope they enjoy their retirement as much as I do.We now how three new members in our (ladys that lunch club.....) Angela,Alyson and Gill,have a long and happy retirement girls.
As you can see,I still cant line up pictures with words,you have to do all this jiggling about and its a bit complicated for me,I do try ,I really do.I have Karen s brilliant book,and one day will have a good read of it..... Thats it for now see you all soon. Laura xxx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

busy week

Hi all,Ive had a lovely week ,sewing meeting friends,eating out,all the things you should be doing when retired. My lovely Bri has been refitting the bathroom this week,so apart from making his coffee,I had time on my hands.
The pinwheel quilt is now quilted,I used all of that layercake.I put a strip of small squars down the back,and used scraps for the binding.
The small Kaffe Fassett quilt got quilted too and looks lovely on my footstool. I have this great book called With fabric and thread. I have made these slipperboots for my grand children.
I think I will save them for Christmas...
Three of my friends are retiring on Monday,all from the same school.I made these pot holders using the pincushion pattern from the same book, just a bit of adapting.
Got them each a plant in pots to go on them. Had a very nice time on Thursday afternoon,with the girls,afternoon tea at the Windmill.The three retiring ones are amongst this lot.
I took dozens of photos,I always do,but I wont bore you with them all.The last 'girls pic'is me with my great friend Jacquie,me on the right in green top. Not bad for a coupls of gals in their 60s.... Quilties ready to post to Sandie.
I won a giveaway,it was a fantastic surprise,as I never win a thing.I always say I am lucky in love.....(still am)
The postman was laughfing at me doing a little dance on the doorstep,mind you he's a dafty himself,he knocks the door if I have parcels or not,he likes to say hello to the puppy,daft thing. This is what was in the parcel
A wall panel charm pack and collection of 8ths very lucky girl,so a big thank you to Sharon from Lilabelle lane for hosting the giveaway ,and a huge thank you to Therese from love that fabric,for donating the fabric. I wish I knew how to {link}you to their sights,but havnt learned how to do it.
So, had a great week,joined yet another BOM.from the fat quarter shop.Its called Pumpkinsville and starts in November.You must have a look at it ,it gorgeous and very colorful. Have more to tell,but run out of time. till next time stay safe. Laura .xxxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

sunny Sunday

Its been a gorgeous day today,but more rain on the way. Shoulder is getting better,I am very surprised how good it is so soon.Physio was not too bad at all. I have put together the last few blocks of the yellow and blue.Happy with them.
I also stitched the 3rd block of the month from the cotton patch.
A few weeks ago, I mentioned the 40th birthday card I am making for my Daughters partner.Tony loves my cards ,this one is a train.
THe train will have 40 carriages,all with photos of Tony and the family or items relevant to him.his birthday is in January,so I have plenty of time to finish it. I have made all the carriages,now have to sort out all the tops.It will be some long card when its done. I joined the mystery BOM at the fat quarter shop,made the first block not had time to take pictures yet. till next time,love from me.xx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Word verification

I really don't like (word verification )it so puts me off leaving notes on people's blogs. I have trouble reading the jumbled letters,sometimes have to do it 2 or 3 times.grrr So my lovely friends,it you have it,please consider removing it. You may not even know you have it,I didn't until my lovely friend Sandie pointed it out to me( that's cos my computer skills are not great). Laura xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

computer problems

Having a few problems,my laptop dosnt want to play,think its time to upgrade. I will try to finish my post... The layer cake was recut and stitched into this pinwheel top.
the Kaffe Fassett charm pack I really liked the bright colours,so I just cut them in half and restitched.It will make a lovely small quilt for my foot stool. The last thing I want to share are my quilties.I am in Sandies quiltie swap,I wanted a way to display them.I first saw these table top frames on Lesleys blog.Seen them on lots of your blogs since. I have stithed the quilties onto fabric overlapping,they can be lifted so you can look at them all,and the backs to see who made them. It is looking splendid on my dining table.At the end of the year when the swap is finished,the rest will go on the back.Double sided display.
untill next time,I hope all my friends in America had a good 4th of July. till next time love from me.xx

wet weather

The weather here is still awfull,we had the wettest June on record... My shoulder is feeling good,and I even cut out a few blocks this last coiuple of days.
As you may know,The Olypics are being held here in the U.K.the torch is travelling all around the country.On Monday,it passed along the end of my road.I got up at 6.30 (unheard of since I retired)and went along to have a look.There were lots of people along the road.
Most of my pictures wre Policemen on motorbikes...
I did get a phot of the torch,but only just.....
The blocks are ones I finished before surgery and only just got round to putting them on,there are a couple of F.W,and some more of the yellow and blue blocks.