Wednesday, 4 July 2012

wet weather

The weather here is still awfull,we had the wettest June on record... My shoulder is feeling good,and I even cut out a few blocks this last coiuple of days.
As you may know,The Olypics are being held here in the U.K.the torch is travelling all around the country.On Monday,it passed along the end of my road.I got up at 6.30 (unheard of since I retired)and went along to have a look.There were lots of people along the road.
Most of my pictures wre Policemen on motorbikes...
I did get a phot of the torch,but only just.....
The blocks are ones I finished before surgery and only just got round to putting them on,there are a couple of F.W,and some more of the yellow and blue blocks.
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