Saturday, 7 July 2012

Word verification

I really don't like (word verification )it so puts me off leaving notes on people's blogs. I have trouble reading the jumbled letters,sometimes have to do it 2 or 3 times.grrr So my lovely friends,it you have it,please consider removing it. You may not even know you have it,I didn't until my lovely friend Sandie pointed it out to me( that's cos my computer skills are not great). Laura xx


  1. I am sooooo glad you have removed it, it's a blooming nuisance sometimes, thanks Lou you have made my life soooo much easier, miss you loads.
    Sue xxx

  2. I agree, I hate those things. I, too, have a hard time reading the letters!

    Happy quilting!

  3. Thanks for your kind blog comment! I think your table Quiltie Display Rack is quite interesting, fun way to enjoy them! I'm just going to have to get a jelly roll of Kaffe Fassett materials for my "smalls" I've never had any of his designed materials! I'm deprived don't you think!