Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jumbled letters

Hi everyone,it's a beautiful morning here in the UK.
This post is reall about word verification.It really makes my head ache.I have just tried to leave a comment on a friends blog 3 times,and still got it wrong,so have given up. I usually only try  once,but I love this ladys blog.
Please think about removing it.
Have a good day.
Laura xx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Betsy's closet it stitches

I joined this stitch along a few weeks ago.I waited over two  weeks for the kit to arrive,but oh it was worth it.I decided to go for the kit rather than just the pattern,glad I did,the fabrics are gorgeous and the floss is in lovely soft shades.

Finished the first block,it was lovely to do.

Off now to trace the second block.
love Laura xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

my family

My lovely family,took a few pictures while I had them all together.This is my youngest daughter Natalie.
The ripped jeans are fashion they tell me.......Her dad offered to buy her a new pair.lol

Natalie has 2 children,Jayda 7.

and Bryce 4.
Both my girls hate having their photo taken,so couldnt get one of Nicola.
This is Nickys partner Tony, with Jayda .

It was lovely having the girls together,no idea when that will happen again.
Bryce and Lilly play great together.

Festival of Quilts

Hi everyone,I took hundreds of pictures at the show,but I wont bore you with them all.Here are a few of my faves.

 the back of Nicky also taking pictures.

This was Nickys favourite,The appique was flawless,untill you got very close it looked printed.

Close up of the above.Stunning

The waist coat was beautiful,made by Faith one of my blog friends,

Some of the quiltls were huge.
The crowns were cute ,made by primary school children ( jubilee celebrations) Last pic,my new sewing machine(in my dreams)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hi there,Nicky and I managed to get to the NEC to the festival of quilts.We had a lovely day.I took hundreds of photos,and will put a few on in the next few days. I finished this Santa penny rug,and Nicky is taking it back to Australia along with the chicken one that was meant for my friend.She fell in love with them both.

This small quilt is has also gone back with her/
the close up fo the machine quilting is for Susie,as she said she would like to see it.

Now dont forget I am just learning this.....

I decided to make a box for my threads that were getting in a jumble,and to stop Lilly from running of with them.
2 mount boards and a yard of fabric(the only fabric I bought at the show)and a yard of lining.
I love making boxes,its the ony way to get exactly what you want.

When I make boxes for sewing items I always pad the lid,so I can use it as a pin cushion.

just the job,all my embroidery threads are save from that pup Lilly.

the finished box ,custom made just for me.

My darling daughter has now gone back to Australia,we did have 2 days with them.Not enought but better than nothing.
Roys funeral was actually really nice ,and a great celebration of his life.It was a beautiful sunny day.and all Tony and Steves friends attended,they all knew Roy very well from their childhoods spent with Tony and Steven.
I have not been on the seing machine this week(see I can do as I am told) and let me tell you its very hard.
I've done a bit of hand stitching,need to take pictures.
Betsy,s Closet in stitches finally arrived today,so I can start that now,that will keep me off the machine for a while.
The specialist was very pleased with my progress,and said it would be aching and painful for at least 6 months....great...4 months to go.dont think I can stay away from the machine that long.LOL
Will get the camera out and show what else I have been doing,I have cut out the bits for 2 mor Santa penny rugs,one for me and one for Natalie my younger daughter.
So goodnight and god bless Laura xx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

penny rugs

Hi evryone,my beautiful daughter Nicky ,came to see us on Wednesday.I was so surprised.They got into UK on Tuesday,and I knew Tony had lots to sort out for his mum,I hadnt expected to see them untill the funeral on Friday.Nicky came up from Milton Keynes to Coventry on the train and did not tell me she was coming. It was such a lovely surprise I spent the first ten minutes in tears. We went to Roys funeral on Friday,it was a lovely celebration of Roys life. Nicky and Tony will be spending a few days with us next week. The chicken penny rug,was meant for my friend but Nicky loved it and it went in her bag...Have to make another one now. I have been doing a little embroidery lately,its easier on the shoulder.
I dont know what I am going to do with this,I have this bag of iron on transfers,and liked this one. This book came a couple of weeks ago,I pre ordered it months ago.
I have started this Father Christmas wall hanging ,but Im not sure I like what I have put it on,but will stick with it see how it goes.
There are lots of ways to transfer images,this is my preferred method,I have tried a light box,but it makes me feel hot,daft I know,but it does. So I copy the image ,or scan if it needs to be bigger.
Then I use good old fashioned dress makers carbon paper'
This pack is great,5 sheets red blue yellow and 2 white ones for putting on darker fabric. I use double sided tape,I tape the pattern to the carbon and the carbon to the fabric,and trace over the bits I want,what could be easier.I always use a ball point pen,nice and thin.
I have started this penny quilt for me. The twister quilt is ready to be put together.
I want to try to quilt it and the small child one this week,but in lots of pain with my shoulder. Hospital tomorrow,post opp appointment,I think I may be told off,have been doing everything he told me not to,so for the next few weeks I will be hand sewing and a bit of knitting .He did tell me not to use the sewing machine.or hoover or lift or ironong,all the things you have to do daily.Because it felt so good ,I did everything and now I am suffering. So I will be making penny rugs galore.... all for now see you all soon.Laura xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

penny rugs

I have finined making my very first penny rug,and really enjoyed it.They are lovely to make,felt is great to work with.I hope my friend likes it.
Its 16 inches across,just a nice size.
did anyone quess it was hens and chicks?... Started to cut out the next one,this ones for me.
My daughter phoned me this morning,they are safe in England,(at Tonys brothers in Milton Keynes)and I will see her on Friday. She will be spending a few days with us next week.I am hoping I will be able to take her to The Festival of Quilts next week,that would be just fantastic,as I havnt been since they went to live in Australia almost 5 years ago. But mostly just want a little time with Nicky and Natalie my younger daughter.Having my two lovely girls together ...sounds wonderful to me. Have a good day. love Laura xx

Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday morning

Hi everyone,its Monday morning,and my daughter flew out of Melbourne early today.They will be in London tomorrow.I could wish for a better occcasion,but I cant wait to see her. I have finished the yellow and blue quilt,took me ages to machine quilt it.
When I made these blocks,there was enough fabric for 17 blocks.I was going to make a cushion with the odd one,but changed my mind and put it on the back.
My penny quilt is comming along nicely,soon be on its way to its new owner,can you guess what it is yet?
This layer cake I fell in love with,stitched in up in squares ,now going to cut it with the swister.I love the swister ruler,my friend Sue has the small one,perhaps we could do a swap for a while....
THe last few pics are my garden,its taken a bit of a battering this year with all the rain,but at last a few flowers. I know its only August,but I can feel Autumn already,its just around the corner.Its my favourite time of year(mind you I say that every season}I just hope its a lot better than the summer we have had......
plan to finish the penny quilt tonight,photo tomorrow. Laura x

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Been a funny old week,too much rain again. I mentioned in a previous post,that Tonys father was very ill,Tony came to the UK back in May to spend time with his dad.Sadly Roy passed away last last Sunday,after a 9month hard battle with cancer.He was a lovely gentle man ,and will be greatly missed by his wife and two sons .Anyway,I will be seeing my beautiful daughter this week,Its a shame it's for such a sad occasion .I am sure Roy would understand that I can't make it all sad. I havnt seen Nicky for two years,and can't wait to see her and hug her to me.I have tears in my eyes as I write.We live in England and Nicky and Tony live is Australia,it's a long way away.We talk every week,but it's not the same as holding your child in your arms,so that ,I'm looking forward to. I will do a more cheery post later.Need to take a few photos. Enjoy your Sunday,Gods good gift to us all. Laura xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

happy days

this last few days I have been busy around the house.All those cleaning jobs I dont like doing.But there you are I cant live in a grubby place either. Lovely Brian has been busy as usual,(I can always find him things to do]This week he has been laying carpet.His house jobs have finished for a few weeks,he wants to work on his motorbike. Remember the tiny charm pack I had as a free gift from Fat Quarter shop,well I made a nice pocket for my ereader,I love the colours.I just wanted a pocket,no flaps or fasteners.
The charm pack and panel I won in a give away a few weeks ago,have been stitched into a quilt top,need to decide what colour to put on the back.
Block 1 and 2 of the Fat Quarter shop BOM,I really love these fabrics.
A while ago ,I saw penny rugs on Wendys blog Charlottes Webb.Now I had never heard of penny rugs,and Wendy very kindly told me a little about them.I love to try new things,I really love old techniques,its all part of our history,orin the case of penny rugs,Americas history.We shouldnt lose these lovely old customs.Well since then I have had a good look on the web and read a bit mor about these tiny quilts.They are gorgeous.I have started one,can you guess what its going to be haha more later.
I am quilting[I use that term loosely]the yellow and blue quilt,I have put orange on the back.Will post a photo when finished. All for now,that Lilly is scratching the door.time to go out. laura xx